Nigerian Embassy in Democratic Republic CongoNigerian Embassy in Democratic Republic CongoNigerian Embassy in Democratic Republic Congo

Who We Are

Welcome The Official website of The Nigerian Embassy in D.R.Congo

Nigeria and D.R. Congo established diplomatic relations in 1963 and regards each other as important strategic partners. Since the establishment of diplomatic ties, the all-dimensional and high-quality cooperation between Nigeria and D.R. Congo have been a good example for African cooperation. The brotherhood and friendship between Nigeria and D.R. Congo have delivered tangible benefits to the two countries.

Nigeria Embassy in D.R. Congo

The main services

Visas Instructions (VI)

Visa on Arrival (VoA)

Renunciation of Citizenship

Other Consular Services

What We Do

We are a diplomatic mission with principal responsibility to deepen bilateral relations in all spheres with the government and people of DR Congo. The Embassy also co-ordinate, promote and protect the national interests of Nigeria within the host country in ways that contribute to the enhancement of mutual benefits of the security and socio-economic prosperities of both countries.

Duties conducted by the Embassy include: Consular and Welfare services, Immigration affairs, Legal and Education, Bilateral, Political, and Multilateral Relations, Trade and Economic Affairs as well as information dissemination. The Embassy also responds to all enquiries from the general public as may be necessary.

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Our Team

H.E Omar Suleiman

Phoebe U. Alozie
Head of Chancery/Minister Counsellor

Mr. Sani Abubakar
First Secretary – Economic

Mrs. Ogar E. Amelumi
First Secretary – Political

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